About ACG

Established in 2005, the Aqua Ceria Group (ACG) comprises Aqua Ceria Sdn Bhd, Sun East Fish Food Sdn Bhd and DTS Marine Fish Products Sdn Bhd, which specializes in aqua-culture farming, feed manufacturing, seafood processing and trading respectively.

Aqua Ceria Group of companies were formed by founder Mr. Lee You and captains of the industry as a total integrated solutions to meet the growing needs of the industry. Offering timely alternatives to problems such as depleting natural fish stocks, season dependent sub-standard feeds that fluctuate in price and quality, lack of expertise and resources in aqua-farming, as well as quality compliance seafood processing.

Hailed from a small fishing villae in Pulau Ketam, Mr. Lee You has been a fisherman for 10 years. From years of hands-on experience gained as a fisherman, Mr. Lee You knew the ins and outs of the fishing industry, most importantly, the urgency to find a solution to the steadily decreasing marine fish harvest. The solution lies in aquaculture farming – a safe, sustainable source for quality fish with high nutritional value.

With the founder’s over 27 years of involvement and expertise in the fishing and aquaculture industries as support, ACG is poised to offer total aquaculture solutions and establish itself as a leading aquaculture company, locally and internationally.

Aquaculture Farming

Aqua Ceria Sdn Bhd is a fully ownd subsidiary of Aqua Ceria Group with business focus in marine aquaculture farming. The company was established in 2005 to breed, hatch, rear and supply quality marine fish to local and Asia Pacific markets. Aqua Ceria distinguishes itself with its full commitment to quality to ensure food safety, high nutritional value and great tasting farmed fish for the consumers.

Based in Langkawi, Aqua Ceria operates a floating cage system farm which made up of 720 cages in the open sea. Among the quality marine fish species farmed are Tiger Grouper, Green Grouper, Giant Grouper (Asian Cod), Red Snapper and Barramundi (Asian Seabass). Yearly output volume is set at 250 ton per annum. The company is also working closely with associate aqua farmers to deliver consistent supply of marine fish to customers in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and other parts of Asia Pacific.

Quality Fish Feeds

Sun East Fish Food Sdn Bhd is another fully owned subsidiary of ACG which focuses on the manufacture of aquaculture fish feeds. Sun East is the country’s only aquaculture farmer that produces its own aqua-feeds for farmers.

Omega Rich™ aqua-feed is Sun East’s answer to the industry’s call for quality feed is consistent in supply, nutrition, safety and affordability. The unique formulation offers a well balanced composition of essential nutrients, proteins, amino acid to boost the immune system, taste profile and top quality yield for aquaculture farmers. The company takes its role in contributing to sustainable aquaculture very seriously. It is with unceasing dedication to quality that saw Sun East established itself from a humble startup to becoming a reputable name in aquaculture farming.

Seafood Processing & Trading

DTS Marine Fish Product Sdn Bhd is ACG’s processing and trading arm in the aquaculture business. The company is one of Malaysia’s top quality fishes and seafood suppliers to premier restaurants and hotels, via distribution, wholesale and retail channels. It also distributes seafood products to international markets, including mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

DTS offers a vast variety of fish and seafood species, each packaged in various cuts and quantities, for the widest range of food preparation methods. Customization in weight, size, quantity, cut, packaging and nutrient levels can also be made to customer’s specifications.

Prospect Of ACG

ACG’s future business expansion plans in the pipeline include the development more sea cages farming in Malaysia. The company and facility under ACG umbrella will fulfill the full chain of the aquaculture process from hatchery, farming, feed production, to food processing and marketing. This remains the group’s ultimate direction and motivation to move forward in our efforts to contribute to the world food supply chain with the ultimate aim of good food, good taste and good health for the consumers.

Food crisis is foreseen to become a global dilemma in the near future. With this in mind, ACG is putting its best efforts to increase the volume and supply of GREEN fish (nutritious supply free from contamination) by expanding the farming scale to fulfill the supply volume.