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A Farmer’s Feed

Over the past 20-30 years, the local aquaculture industry has traditionally relied on the use of trash fish as the main feed source for farmed fish destined for human consumption.

By year 2005, we realized that due to over-fishing and the continued dwindling supply of such trash fish, it was inevitable that the industry would have to source for an alternative and sustainable feed supply to cater for the aquaculture industry if large scale aquaculture was to remain economically feasible in order to meet the market demand for high quality nutritious table fish.

With this realization, Mr. Lee You set out to spearhead the formation of Sun East Fish Food Sdn Bhd (‘SunEast’) to source for good quality fish feed as an alternative to replace trash fish.

Common problems in this area include season dependent supplies, low quality fish, inconsistent quality of fish, price volatility, and poor suitability to fish species-all these factors pose huge operational obstacles and hazards to any farmer who is committed to producing a quality item for consumption.

This awareness and realization of the lack of quality feed supplies in the market inspired and motivated SunEast to develop its own aquaculture feeds. The result was the introduction of Omega Rich-a high quality feed developed in-house that answers the wider industry’s needs for consistency in supply, nutritional standards, relatively stable pricing, safety and affordability.

As the country’s only aquaculture operator that produces aqua feeds for the industry, SunEast views it contributory role to sustainable aquaculture very seriously. This is evident in our commitment to quality. A very important and critical aspect of our commitment is the use of quality raw materials.

As aquaculture farmers ourselves, and coupled with in-house research and development, we have identified exactly what makes the best feeds. By working closely with our suppliers to source the most suitable raw materials we are able to implement production processes in accordance with our formulae and maintain stringent quality control at every stage from raw materials selection to the finished feed products. Such dedication to quality has spurred SunEast to establish itself from a humble startup to becoming a reputable name in aquaculture farming. SunEast takes great pride in delivering outstanding quality aquaculture feeds and services to fish farmers for the sustainable production of healthy and delicious fish. That is our promise!

Nutrition – Technical Expertise

From our years of intensive and extensive research and development, product trials and monitoring on our own farms, we have successfully formulated Omega Rich — our patented ‘growth diet’ which was specially created by us for the industry.

Dr. Roger Chan Ph.D, a renowned US-trained scientist in nutritional science with a background of over 25 years in scientific research, applied practice and innovative experience in feed formulation, is instrumental in imparting his invaluable technical expertise in close collaboration with industry players and aquaculture farmers.

Such a partnership has enabled us to formulate highly specialized and customized feeds for a wide range of different commercial fish species. From fry-feeds to grower-feeds and high-nutrition feeds, our products are developed to match the growing needs of farmed fish in all their life stages.