Customers will enjoy the pleasure that comes with the smooth, tasty and succulent fish whether whole or dressed cuts that are easy to prepare in the commercial kitchen or at home.

Expertise in Nutrition

DTS marine fish are fed with Sun East’s patented growth diet—Omega Rich™. Entirely natural and organic, Omega Rich™ is a proprietary blend of fish meal, soy protein, fish oil, vitamins and more. This proprietary diet comes in two specialized formulae for specific growth stages.

Our scientifically formulated feed and stringent feeding practices ensure that our fish have:

  • Strong natural immunity and high survival rates
  • Maximum growth because of our high quality fish feed.
  • High levels of Omega 3, 6 & 9 —vital for reducing inflammation and reversing signs of human aging in the heart, brain, digestive tract and immune system.
  • High content of calcium, which is crucial for strong bones and healthy blood; it also promotes heart health and the transmission of electrical impulses throughout the body.

We produce only healthy fish befitting today’s health-conscious market.

  • We use only Omega Rich™ for our fish.
  • We do not add “trash fish” to our feed, so there is no cross-contamination of diseases from dead fish to live fish.
  • Our fish are free of synthetic and antibiotic residues.

Experience in Sea-Farming

Our marine fish stock is supplied from Aqua Ceria’s aquaculture farm in Lumut which employs a floating cage system in the open sea. Using larger holding pens with a lower density of fish allows them to swim freely and grow healthily. This allows the farm operator to breed larger fish — from 500 g up to 30 kg each. At DTS, we believe that fish brought up in their natural environment are the best.

DTS Marine Fish are:

  • Bred in healthy marine waters, free of pollution such as mercury and other heavy metals.
  • Free of antibiotic residue and artificial additives such as preservatives.
  • Lab tested in association with ALS Laboratory Group, an independent ISO 17025—certified laboratory. Spot-checking is not enough. We test every single batch.

Convenience: Your Options, Everything the Sea Has to Offer

DTS Marine products come in a broad choice of fish and seafood species, each packaged in various cuts and quantities, for the widest range of food preparation methods. Furthermore, we are able to customise weight, size, quantity, cut, packaging and nutrient levels to your specifications.

DTS Marine Farming

Live Process

Our advanced, linear process allows for fresh fish products with a shelf life of up to 1 year.


Exquisite Flavour & Texture

DTS Marine presents a superior experience in aesthetic dining, that your customers will notice. Our fish yield a flesh with a naturally vivid colour —flesh that separates in distinct, firm flakes and presents a smooth flavour and sensuous mouth-feel in texture.

No matter what the cuisine — Asian, Western, Scandinavian — and no matter what the method of preparation — steamed, grilled, fried, raw, smoked, baked — DTS Marine fish products provide a superior palette to the creative chef. With our wide range of choices, your food creations are only limited by your imagination!

Our Reputation As a Prime Exporter

Already well received in discerning markets for fish such as Australia and Japan, demand for DTS Marine products continues to grow as more people discover our nutritious, sea-farmed fish.

International Food Safety.  Standards Assurance

All our fresh fish stocks are processed by our panel of contracted factories which are HACCP, ISO, BRC and Halal certified to ensure the strictest hygiene levels and food safety during processing.