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AQUA CERlA ECO (ACE) operates a sea cage farm located approximately 10km offshore Tawau, Sabah. The farm which commenced operations in 2010, currently comprises zoo cages capable of raising a maximum monthly output of some 150 tons live fishes of various species.

The company adopts an eco-conscious approach in its farming operations to minimize any possible environmental impact. Site selection is therefore an important factor, and the present location in Tawau, Sabah was selected precisely for its ideal water depth and quality, excellent tidal flow coupled with optimum conditions for raising live fish.

Floating Cage System

Aquaculture is totally dependent on the quantity and quality of water available. As such, we place a high priority in the study and consideration of water source, which has to undergo a thorough chemical analysis prior to being employed in our projects. This ensures that the water source is low in chemicals such as arsenic, boron, fluoride and other elements, which are detrimental to the survival and quality of farmed fish.

  • Simultaneous farming of several fish species within one facility.
  • Sufficient and consistent supply of unpolluted oxygenated water in natural surroundings.
  • Non-intrusive operations allow fish farming to co-exist with surrounding eco-systems, natural environment and water uses.
  • Minimal environmental impact.
  • Safe, hazard-free and healthy harvests from unpolluted environments.
  • Quality control of fish species with no wastage of by-catch.
  • Regular constant and consistent supply of highly prized species which were previously over-fished.
  • Expertise and technical resources from ACG.
  • Total control of feeds quality from ACG.

We lay great emphasis on the quality of the available water resource and thus we implement constant monitoring and analysis to ensure it is low in chemicals and pollutants.

Sea cages are ideal as they provide a continuous fresh flow of water and food for fish in protected coastal waters. Fish health is carefully monitored and raised stocks are fed with quality feed in accordance with prevailing water temperature and other biological conditions.

Malaysia has established a positive world-wide reputation internationally as a supplier of high quality and safe seafood.

Our commitment to sustainable aquaculture farming incorporating the best industry practices coupled with timely harvesting and rapid distribution results in a production and delivery system to local and international customers that assure consumer confidence in the form of a top quality live or processed product.

Top Marine Species

We have successfully farmed several highly-prized species noted for their taste and flavor, such as:

  • King Tiger Grouper
  • Green Grouper
  • Giant Grouper
  • Red Snapper
  • Golden Snapper
  • Silver Pompano
  • Barramundi Cod (Asian Seabass-Siakap)