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Aqua Ceria Richness (‘ACR’) is the startup company of our total aquaculture corporate chain. ACR is involved primarily in the supply of fingerlings for the group as well as the industry.

Well equipped with full facilities and implementing advanced Japanese indoor hatchery technology which emphasizes the highest standards of hygiene and safety, ACR is able to ensure that top quality assurance standards are met and implemented throughout its operations.

The Japanese indoor hatchery technology differs from traditional hatchery methods. There is greater emphasis on:

  • Quality of fish eggs by managing the most optimum brood-stock farming environment, coupled with sufficient food and optimum nutrition.
  • Clean water quality, filtration and treatment.
  • Complete enclosed indoor hatchery facility.
  • Ideal nutrition formula for fingerlings.
  • Sizing method of fingerlings.

By having its own brood-stock nursery farm, quality compliance and control can be fully managed right at the source. ACR’s nursery farm is situated at a pollution-free island location in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, with good quality water supply. All the brood-stocks are fed with nutritional food to ensure that the eggs produced are healthy, robust and disease-free.

ACR operates on the concept of a cooperative partnership between hatchery and aquaculture operators. As the supply source of the ACG value chain, we understand the importance of good quality fingerling supply, which will directly impact the business operations and revenues of aquaculture farmers. It therefore makes for sound business practice to inculcate a long-term partnership approach with our downstream farmers. We have successfully built up such partnerships based on credibility, reliability, trust and a strong commitment to deliver healthy supplies of robust fingerlings with high survival and growth rates.